The Tentcoat Insurrection

by Ted Eliason and the Psychedelic Party Band

This is a reinterpretation of Ted Eliason's "The Tentcoat" as performed by the first generation of The Psychedelic Party Band. In the grand tradition of The Kingsmen's "Louise, Louise" and Paul Simon's "The Boy from the Bubble Planet," The Tentcoat: Insurrection was recorded on four-track cassette with cheap microphones in someone's mom's basement. There's ducks and coconuts too, in case you're not already sold.


released 05 June 2013 

Cold Bones: guitar, clarinet, vocal, duck 
Ted Eliason: guitar, rhodes piano, theremin, vocal 
Laura Ellingsen: bass 
Lee Fritz: drums, vocal, coconuts 
Jenn Spitler: clarinet, vocal 

All songs by Ted Eliason 
Recorded by Cold Bones and Ted Eliason in the Psychedelic Party Dungeon, Summer 2008 
Mixed and mastered by Cold Bones at Swingset Sound 2.0, Winter 2013
Original Tentcoat cover photo by Laura Ellingsen 
Design by Cold Bones 
Concept by Ted Eliason and Cold Bones

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